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smxyhagarencrak's Journal

Smexy Hagaren Crack: Supplying Your Roleplay Crack
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Welcome to Smexy Hagaren Crack!

We are an FMA roleplaying community. We allow our players to assume the role of any character (it doesn't matter if they're dead).

You are welcome to join the community and watch, but if you want to actually participate in it, you must apply here.

-1- We expect all members to use proper spelling and grammar in entries. If you do use netspeak, please spell out phrases like 'WTF,' 'OMG,' et cetera.

-2- All players are expected to make a journal devoted exclusively to this RP. Once this journal is made, please give the username to the administrators. Add all other players' journals to your RP journal friends' list.

-3- We allow yuri, yaoi, and het. ALL relationships must be agreed upon by all involved parties. Do not force pairings on any other player.

-4- Lyrics and quizzes can be part of your entry, but they cannot be the only part. We expect entries that show that effort and thought have been put into them.

Also, please understand the use of an lj-cut. All quizzes, pictures, and other things that might make the post huge MUST be placed behind an lj-cut. What is an lj-cut?

Players who do not follow this rule will be personally contacted by the administrators and asked to reformat the entry. If you are warned repeatedly, you may be at risk of censure from the administrators.

-5- We do not tolerate flaming of ANY sort. If you have a problem with another player, please contact one of the adminstrators. We're here to help and we won't let anyone be bullied or flamed in any way, shape, or form.

-6- The goal of this community is to be very active, so please try to update your journal at least once a week. Also, we will try to hold an IC role-play chat at least once a month, and these will be announced at least one week in advance to give everyone plenty of warning. If you can't meet these goals (limited internet access, vacation, et cetera) please let one of the admins know so that we can keep your place safe. If you don't give us an explanation, you run the risk of being booted from the community.

-7- If want to put down character's thoughts and you do not wish for other characters to see (or if you'd like to write it to a specific person) then put it under a lj-cut titled 'Private' or if it's to someone, then out 'Private to ____.' Others can of course read these entries, but in-character, anyone the entry was not labelled for must act as though they haven't seen it.

-8- Don’t make a post in the community unless it is fanfiction, icons, or something else that can be shared with everyone. The main purpose of the community is so that the admins can contact and update with the latest things they have to share with the players. Also acceptable are posts concerning your activity, i.e. "I'll be on vacation all week," "my computer is being repaired," et cetera.

-9- Type Order The Shrimp, Ed if you read the rules.

-10- Have fun with this. The rules are in place to help everyone have more fun, not to limit you or squash your creativity. And of course if at any time you have questions, concerns, or issues, be sure to let an admin know. That's what we're here for.

-11- Please make all posts within the community friends-only.

Please note: This RP isn't set within any definite time period (one way to ensure that all characters are alive and available for playing). The RP is crackish, but don't go completely out-of-character with your portrayal. As always, any questions can be directed to your admins.

Who are these mysterious admins?:

seethroughall: sin.of.lust@gmail.com / lustofishbal (AIM) or lust_of_ishbal@hotmail.com (MSN)
ellyberry: meruchiwongtai (AIM)

Taken Characters
Alphonse Elric legacy_in_red
Edward Elric icarusxelric
Envy notapalmtree
Alfons Heidereich endless_space
Lust lustful__sin
Roy Mustang furher_mustang
Ran Fan bloodysatin
Schiezka scieszkapwnsj00
Winry Rockbell wiinry

All other characters are available. First come, first serve. In case multiple applications are recieved for a single character, they will be voted on by the comm and the best will be accepted. Remember to make your application entertaining AND in-character.

To Apply, Fill out the application here.

The Application:

Your Name/Nickname:
Character Applying As:
Character Description (in your OWN words):

Sample Post: Your sample post (with at least one hundred words) is what the admins (or community in case of a tie) will be judging you on, so make it as IC and entertaining as possible. You can apply as many times as you want, but be warned: we will not take pity on you, even if you fail daily.

MAKE IT LIKE AN ACTUAL JOURNAL ENTRY: "I did this, this, and this today," not third-person prose. Make it lively. Prove to us that you can entertain while keeping it believeable.

Once you're accepted, feel freee to begin rp-ing and interacting with other characters. And it'd be really cool if you put this in your journal(s): (Please save it your own server to save bandwidth!)

. Promoting

Want to promote us!? YAY! Just copy and paste this anywhere! [Image will follow with this soon~]