Alfons Heiderich (fly_me_2_d_moon) wrote in smxyhagarencrak,
Alfons Heiderich

New account...

Here speaks heiderich from a new account.  endless_space

(Or more like I will as soon as the new account will be accepted to the com and I could do entries from there.)

I would be happy if you updated your f-list with it and delete the fly_me_2_d_moonbecause it might get updated and I don't want to confuse anyone with it's posts.

I would like to ask Ed, if it's okay if Heiderich come to Amestris with Edward in that jet-aeroplane? In case you have a better Idea I'm totally open for it.

And I also wish to ask from the mods in case we can put up the community's logo at fm_alchemist or other FMA-related communities to try and gather members or you will do it on your own? *doesn't want to do something she is not allowed*

that's all.

~Heiderich rp-er/Cofzilla
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