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All right, here's the next incarnation of Smexy Hagaren Crack. Please read the rules before applying. We're going to hold you to them.

The following characters are spoken for, but all others are free game:
Al Elric
Ed Elric
Al Heidereich
Roy Mustang
Ran Fan
Winry Rockbell

The Application:

Your Name/Nickname:
Character Applying As:
Character Description (in your OWN words):

Sample Post: Your sample post (with at least one hundred words) is what the admins (or community, in case of a tie) will be judging you on, so make it as IC and entertaining as possible. You can apply as many times as you want, but be warned: we will not take pity on you, even if you fail daily.

MAKE IT LIKE AN ACTUAL JOURNAL ENTRY: "I did this, this, and this today," not third-person prose. Make it lively. Prove to us that you can entertain while keeping it believeable.
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Order The Shrimp, Ed

Your Name/Nickname: Sarah, s91, S-chan all of those work...
Character Applying As: Shesika (not to self: find spelling lol)
Experience: I've been in 2 OOC shaman king RPs and have RPed with friends a lot in character
Character Description (in your OWN words): Shesika is everyone's favorite bookworm girl with a photographic memory and a huge Alien/paranormal complex. While she hasn't gotten a date lately she still knows she is the true lord of the flies!

Sample post: I did some light reading today, about 700 pages... really good book I think I'll make a post about it later on. So what else is new… Well, last night I saw what I’m sure was a UFO while I was reading the paper, I’m going out to see if I can see it again tonight, anyone want to come with me? Oh and Lieutenant Hawkeye… I think Black Hayate might be involved with the aliens, I always see him guarding the same exact spot everyday at the same time.
Off to reread War and Peace… the 1600th time *tear*.
I like it! Let's see what my co-administrator says.

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

I vote yes. Excellent job.

Deleted comment

Your Name/Nickname: Rieka De-Volka, aka Rieka, aka Rie, aka ranty_rie.

Character Applying As: Roy Mustang.

Experience: I've mostly been RP-ing since I was eight, mostly on an original world of my own creation that lasted an exciting ten years or so before it died the horrible death a few months ago. I've played on the Harry Potter fandom too, and once or twice in the InuYasha world - word of advice, don't attempt to become Sesshoumaru unless you fancy entertaining random murderous thoughts about your teachers in the middle of algebra discussion or speak in a haughty third person while attempting to belittle the idiot teacher that won't let you in the classroom for arriving late. It's not healthy - or so I'm told. I'm used to board or msn rpg, but I can adapt, I think. Also, Order The Shrimp, Ed.

Character Description (in your OWN words): Roy's thought process is somewhat intriguing and intrinsically amusing. There's this careless, almost lazy aura around him, what with him needing Hawkeye to have him at gunpoint to get at least some of his paperwork done. His motivations and drives are very personal, and most of the time, what he says has a completely different meaning when put in the proper context. He has this little, frankly unhealthy, tendency to see people mostly as means to and end, but when he does take them into account, he becomes fiercely loyal and protective of those who are there for him. His wryness can be terribly irritating - especially if you're a whole foot shorter than the average teenager and have the misfortune of being his underlining - but all Roy looks for, at the end of the day, is a good laugh and perhaps finding the less dark side of things. He fervently believes he has a natural aversion, indeed, an allergy to paperwork and will weasel out of it so as long as guns and bullets don't get involved. One day, the world will realize his utter greatness and all around awesomeness, make him Fuhrer, and then, when Hawkeye cannot longer shoot him for it, he will stuck her into a nice mini skirt and force Fullmetal to do all the paperwork he causes for a chance. But he'd like to take a nap first, really, being nearly perfect can be so tiring sometimes.

Sample post:

That went well, I think. So, recap:

Fullmetals killed: None. That's good.

Hawkeyes irritated: One. That's not so good.

Gun related injuries: None. That's really good.

Havoc's current prospect girlfriend stolen: Three. That's probably a new record for a single day, so that's good.

Havocs glaring death and murder: One. I might probably, quite possibly end up walking back home today, so that's not good, but hopefully he'll be over it by tomorrow morning, so no need to worry about it.

Reports signed: None. Not good, not good at all, since Hawkeye's hand was twitching last time I saw her.

Mmm. I should probably sign some of these papers. To appease Hawkeye at least. She did seem awfully bent on shooting something today.


I'll start working right away. As in, right now.

Because Hawkeye is scary when she's pissed off, and she's really, really accurate with that gun of hers. I wonder if she sleeps with it, too. Mm...

Oh, right. Work. As in, signing. But I have to read these things before signing. Otherwise I might allow one of Fullmetal's ridiculously expensive restaurant bills again, or let Havoc get off work early by mistake. Or, you know, something.

...oh, but isn't it boring to do paperwork.

Now that I think about it, I'm wearing my gloves. And as everyone knows, paper very easily tends to catch fire. As in, I could accidentally snap my fingers and then all of it would accidentally catch fire and then there wouldn't be anything to read or sign. Yes...

Except for the part where I would need change the whole gun related injures into four or five, or maybe twelve, depending on just how vexed Hawkeye gets. And since she would have to redo all these reports, she would probably become very vexed. Murderously so.

No good, no good at all.

**sigh** Where's Maes when one desperately needs any sort of distraction from paperwork?
This made me giggle. I love the formatting. And the idea of an "accidental" burning of the papers.

Long story short, I approve. ^-^

Deleted comment


There you go.

Your Name/Nickname: Chiiko

Character Applying As: Winry Rockbell

Experience:3 online roleplays, and um...*runs off to count* a grand total of EIGHT huge book roleplays. I've been rp'ing for a couple of years and my grades fail because of it! XD

Character Description (in your OWN words): Winry's a very strong character to me. She's a genius in her own way, gifted in the art of making things tick. Winry is a kind person at heart, even though she gets a little violent at times. She's true to her best friends and passionate about her work and life. =D One of the many things I love her for.

Sample Post: Sigh...

My new auto-mail part still hasn't come in. How in the world am I going to make that rocket-launching arm without it? I just need this one piece, before I can complete it and win the love of the auto-mail world!

...unfortunately, that can't be done without that little tiny part, and until then, I'm stuck. Doing nothing.

I hate being bored...maybe I could call up the old shrimp and see how he's cooking. The best thing to do when I get bored seems to be call him up and drive him absoloutley insane.

I wonder if he knows if that's my way of telling him I'm worried? Teehee, I guess it doesn't matter. What he doesn't know won't hurt him!

This was a good application, but if you look at the post and the comm profile, we already have a Winry. You're welcome to apply as another character, though.